The Cash Back Revolution

Money back with every purchase

Who we are

It all began with a simple vision; to revolutionize the cash back industry.

In October 2015, Saivian began offering our members up to 25% cash back on their day-to-day purchases. By May 2016, we went international with our one-of-a-kind membership platform. Today, we are not only a multi-billion dollar international company, we are also a worldwide sensation with markets in 130+ countries.

Eric Dalius

Eric is a marketing professional with a Bachelor's Degree in marketing from Penn State University. He has helped companies generate over $150 Million since 1990 in his career. With a background in real estate investing and sales, he has directed those skills to primarily focus on providing consulting in the MLM or Network Marketing profession. He is now the President of the fastest growing network marketing company in the world, Saivian International!

Mike Kim

Mike Kim's extensive sales and marketing experience has been instrumental in the development and retention of the Korean and Chinese international markets. His unique ability to capture and maintain foreign markets gives him the leading advantage to publicly train and mentor others that want to take their company worldwide.

Coming from a field affiliate to, now, The `Business Development Director`, Mike is leading the charge for sales and growth to direct Saivian International to a multi-billion dollar company!

Ryan Evans

Armed with a unique skillset of technology, business, and sales, Ryan become instrumental to the development of the Saivian business model. Starting out initially as a Saivian affiliate, he undestood the big picture concept of the Merchant Advertising Platform (MAP) and what it would take to develop this advertising product in the marketplace.

Now, as the Director of Operations, he helped bring further organization and solidarity to the company by finding the best development and creative teams to take Saivian International to the next level!

Jericho Phire

Jericho Phire began his career in the Creative Arts in 1994. He has worked all over the United States as a gallery director, muralist, graphic/web designer, branding expert, and photographer.

He has received much professional recognition in accordance with numerous awards he has received throughout his career. Today, Jericho works as Saivian International's Communications Director in which he helps in the area of company branding, social media management, graphic design, and more.

Troy Dooly

Named One of the Most Influential Voices in the Direct Selling Community by critics and proponents alike, Troy Dooly is Cofounder and the Beachside CEO of the global consultancy, Lighthouse Idea Crafters. The organization focuses on helping guide organizations to communicate the true message of their story on how they make a purposeful difference in the lives they impact. Troy and his team have emerged as leading authorities in the area of developing purpose-inspired communications. Startup entrepreneurs to multi-national corporations have adopted his breakthrough methodology and frameworks to protect their cultures’ integrity and to deliver a positive difference to the lives of people served. Troy’s creed is “Living An Epic Adventure” in work or life, follow your passion, and live your purpose.

When Troy isn’t working with clients, he is a speaker, results coach, and radio host. He is a founding show host and News Director of the Home Business Radio Network, has been quoted by Entrepreneur Magazine, Networking Times and the Home Business News Journal, and is a regular contributor with radio talk show host, Tom Chenault. Troy is founding member, of the Distributors Rights Association, Association of Network Marketing Professionals, International Association of Network Marketing, and is a faculty member of the Direct Selling Edge educational organization. Troy is also founding member of Catalyst A-Team, helping to facilitate hundreds of volunteers annually who serve 10,000 to 13,000 guests attending the Atlanta Catalyst Leadership Conference.

As our Compliance Director, Troy is vital to the overall success and security of Saivian International.